Human Rights Selfie Project

In this image, I embody gender stereotypes by reinforcing the idea education is not the most important aspect of a woman. This relates to the Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, granting everyone the right to an education. Despite achieving three college degrees, I find myself taking this right for granted by preferring coloring books to real ones. Across the globe millions of girls are denied an education for fear that education is evil or by the necessity of having to work or raise families. I appropriated a famous image of the Afghan Girl by National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry. By blending her face with my own, it shows that her and I could be the same, with the only difference being geography. HHuman Rights Selfieer right to an education may be limited by external forces, but mine can be limited by my own internal struggles.

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Dog Tales

What if dogs could photograph? What would they say? How does the world look through the lens of our furry canine friends? This series explores life through the limited color spectrum and sense of play from man’s best friend. Each photo has been specifically treated to represent the true color spectrum of dog vision.