Artist Statement

Artist Statement

The Sights and Sounds collection is a work several years in the making. Growing up in Silicon Valley, I became very intimate with the local music scene through photographing and supporting the local bands. When I made these portraits, I wanted to spotlight the various people that gave San Jose it’s unique culture. However compelling these images were, they were merely incomplete representations of live, local music. After a band had published one of my photos, one of their colleagues commented, “The photo looks great, but what do you SOUND like?” That comment inspired me to make these portraits interactive with QR codes. By linking the portraits to the web, I was able to create video slideshows that play the band’s music alongside the family of photos.

Selecting only twelve bands to represent bay area music was a bit of a challenge. The bands were selected based on their impact and history on the timeline of bay area music.

12 bands by date:

1995 Insolence
1999 NVS
2000 Kung Fu Vampire
2004 Relapse
2002 Funk The Band
2008 Yeshua and the Hightones
2009 Anya and the Get Down
2010 Citabria
2010 Melted State
2011 Sweet HayaH
2013 Periscope
2014 Shallow Vices


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