Tastes of San Jose

The photographs in this series represent the lingering history and culture of San Jose from the 1900s to the new millennium. When I was a young child, my mother married a local restauranteur. At this early age, I developed an appreciation for the family business that was established in the 1960s. This restaurant wasn’t just food for me, it meant family, a safe place, love, and laughter. When the matriarch decided to retire the business after over 40 years, the community and I felt a strange sense of loss. Perhaps, because these longstanding places had become a part of our identities.

Each of these images are of places that are over sixty years old. Because of this, I chose to use a retrospective view in photographing. Using a fisheye lens, I wanted to create space between the viewers and the buildings. As memories are shaped by our own internal lens, the photos also show the nostalgia through the fisheye effect. Post-processing heavily emphasized lighting, filters, and HDR. Photographs were slightly desaturated to show the fade of color over sixty years. In addition, each photo also has rounded corners inspired by film photographs of the 1960s.

They say that we don’t know what we have until it’s gone. Completing this project inspired a deeper appreciation for San Jose’s local history. In scouting locations, I sadly discovered that the last iconic KFC sign in California was being removed this year. Another restaurant, Wings, established 1923, would be shuttering its doors later this month. I was very grateful to have been able to photograph it before the rising rents closed them down. While gentrification may be inevitable, we can slow its progress one local, delicious bite at a time.



Announcing… PRINTS and PRODUCTS

I am stoked to announce that I have partnered with ShootProof to manage all photo licensing and print on demand services. This mean you can now order your photos on canvas in addition to film prints. Additionally, bands can order magnets and buttons in any quantity for custom #madeinSJ merch. Check out the footage from the latest Periscope concert for an example.


Bill Graham Exhibit Opens In SF, Truly G R A H A M A Z I N G

An open letter to my muse and former boss, the legendary rock promoter Bill Graham.


An Open Letter to Bill Graham


By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Halcyon Simmons
Cinema & Videography
Alexis Camille
Talent and Research
Event City Creative Magazine

Dear Bill,

I had the opportunity to attend your exhibit the other day. The second run of your first tour ever, aptly named, the Rock & Roll Revolution. Did you know they were putting this on? Did you know you were part of a revolution? What a show! I must say, this is a grand tour! It started in LA and ran for 5 months, and now in San Francisco. There are plans for 4 other cities, maybe even more to come. David and Alex have been key organizers of this grand tour of yours. You’d be very proud of your boys, and who these young positive men have become. They surely show the passion they have adopted from their effervescent father.

The show includes an historical adventure of photographic images through…

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